Dentures, Bridges, and Partials


Dr. Collier wants you to have a strong, healthy, and complete smile. Missing teeth can destroy your appearance and your self-esteem, while increasing your risk for whole-body health complications. To give you the smile you want – and deserve – Dr. Collier can design custom dentures and partials.

Benefits of custom replacement teeth include:
A more youthful appearance because lips and facial muscles are supported

  • Renewed self-esteem
  • The ability to comfortably eat
  • Proper positioning of healthy remaining teeth
  • Improved articulation


Full Dentures
If you’ve lost all or most of your teeth, Dr. Collier may suggest full dentures. These upper and/or lower rows of natural-looking prosthetic teeth beautifully restore compromised smiles. You’ll experience all of the benefits of a complete, healthy smile, including renewed comfort, function, and appearance. Smile Mckinney offers three types of full dentures:
Conventional Dentures: We’ll create your replacement teeth after required extractions or oral surgery, then custom-fit a lifelike denture.

Immediate Dentures

Smile Mckinney can place dentures immediately following your prerequisite procedures. This type of prosthetic is sometimes referred to as a healing denture.

Implant-Retained Dentures

Typically, full dentures are secured with natural suction or adhesive. For maximum stability, Dr. Collier may also recommend implant-retained dentures. You’ll receive dental implants precisely placed in a few key areas of your jaw. We’ll fit your new or existing prosthetic with an attachment that snaps on to the implants to hold your denture firmly in place.

Partial Dentures
Your removable, partial denture will contain as many prosthetic teeth as needed to complete your smile. The custom replacement teeth are attached to an acrylic base the color of your natural gum tissue and held in place with unobtrusive clasps. The clasps can attach to natural teeth or dental implants. A partial will: prevent existing teeth from drifting, enhance your appearance, and return the ability to eat, smile, and laugh with confidence.